dimanche 1 novembre 2009

the OS-tan series

The OS-tan is a 2chan phenomenon where different computer operating systems (usually Windows) are personified moe anime-girls ^^ Girls that keeps the personality of their OS (Me crashes all the time, XP can't stop eating, and so on...)
For more information, see the Wikipedia article... :)

I was surprised to not find any of them in avatars for SL, even in slx, even in japanese-only-sims stores... So i decided to make my own collection of them... Using the best semi-open-source anime-style avatar system ever, of course : Unreal :p

Here's the little descriptions of the avatars i made so far. Maybe there will be more to come :)

This av have a very very simple design for a start : non-primed skirt, not tons of new textures... But this av have a feature completely made for it :
There's two chest ribbons in the package. And one of them is scripted. When you click the warning icon on it, it triggers an error function that makes appear a Windows error box at random times, with the lethal and well-known "ding" sound!!! (click a second time the icon to stop it)

XP-tan was quickly made, i admit. The hairs are freebies i customised for the av and the arms things aren't as pretty as i'd wanted (i'm still a noob for sculpt building) but at least, i added something fun (very very fun if you use Emerald Viewer and that you enabled the breast physics option ;) )
When you wear the chichiyuke attachment and that you say "chichi" in the chat, your av (and others around if they wear the same device :p ) will bounce happily. It makes a very boin~ boin~ effect. And XP-tan is definitely into that thing, seriously :p (just watch the XP-tan videos in youtube, you'll see :p ) Bon~kyu, Booooon~ <3

I couldn't make Me-tan and XP-tan without doing 2K-tan! :p That one was a pain to make but i'm happy of the result :) She have a shared folder to read in the pack and only the glasses are freebies i modded. Enuff said :p

3.11-tan is my personal favourite. She's just like a cute moe loli with a lil dominant side...hem well... :p That one was average to make but i enjoyed building her alot ^^ (often i wonder if i won't make some additional contents for this av someday :p ) She have a DOSkitty included that she carries when worn (on the left hand)

Maybe more to come soon :) And maybe i'll make a special pack including all of those avs in one, plus some additionnal contents (but without the Unreal parts. Must support Unreal avatars :p )

mardi 24 février 2009

Read before asking for support.

SL is not always full of nice people.. there's also bad people who don't hesitate to use other people's work for their own benefit...

In my first days on SL, for training, i made some modern furnitures... I started selling them and they finally became freebies with full perms.

But after some months and years, i've got numerous support asking about "a TV i'd built"... Thought i never made any TV. With help of some good customers, i finally found that some guys used my furnitures for the home set they "made" and sell...

Here's my point : Before asking for support, be totally sure that I am actually the real maker of this object.

Here's some ways of how to know if an object is made by me :

- First, look for a logo like this.. Usually my objects have this trademark on them.. it's also a sort of seal of authenticity...

If there's no logo, do like this :
- Rez the object on the ground.
- Right click it and click "more> - more> - Inspect"
- A window pops up. Look at it and check if the majority of the objects have for creator "buttbadger Mirabeau". If there's multiple other names in the list (at least 3 or 4 including my name), then you can already abuse report the guy who sold you the item. Because using freebies for profit is generally not allowed. And i don't allow anyone making profit with freebies i'd make.

Also, all my items are listed on my SLX Shop and my in-world vendors. If you see an object with me as the creator and that is not listed in nor of these shops, there is a problem :p

Thank you in advance... :)

Blog released!

Greetings everyone :)

I started making this blog so everyone can stay tuned for my next releases in my shops! Just grab the RSS feed and stay tuned! ^^

I used my old sl blog i didn't used much to make a brand new one based on my items. ^^

My shop @ SLX

jeudi 8 mai 2008

Kakurine avatar (Normal and Unreal ready)

Kakurine is a character from the videogame Evil Zone (A.K.A. Eretzvaju) for the PSX, released in 1999
More details here

I always wanted to remake her as an avatar for SL but i had to wait for sculpties and flexiprims to make something serious. :)

As i sometimes do for some cosplays, i made a normal edition and a "Unreal ready" edition, for those who have a Unreal avatar base set.
The pics below shows that precise set

Buy them :
Normal edition @ SLX
Unreal ready edition @ SLX